Summer Break for a School-Based SLP

by VocoVision on July 13, 2018

summer break speechWhen you think of summer break, you likely think of vacation time. Opportunities to rest, relax, and recharge the batteries all come to mind. Unfortunately, if you’ve recently become a school-based speech-language pathologist or considering making a career switch to working in schools, summer break might look a bit more like work than the vacation time you had intended.

Some SLPs might believe that working in schools is settling instead of a more exciting speech pathologist role. The truth is, for many school-based SLPs, summer break can be an opportune time to take advantage of many things you may not have been able to do during the school year. [continue reading…]


Strategies for Working with Preschoolers

by VocoVision on July 6, 2018

preschoolersAs children enter school play needs to be an important part of the therapy process. This is especially true for preschoolers. Children at the preschool age are at the beginning of their school journey but are also learning how to balance structured activities with play.

Play keeps learning fun for preschoolers. Therapy sessions with preschoolers must consist of more than flashcards and worksheets. Whether your therapy sessions format is pull-out therapy, push-in therapy, or teletherapy, preschool speech therapy consists of a different style of activities than it does for older children. [continue reading…]


huntingtons disease speechPatients with the neurodegenerative disorder Huntington’s disease know what’s going to happen to them as the disease progresses. For many patients and their families, that’s a scary thought. While the rate at which the disease progresses is different for every patient, one thing is certain; nearly every component of speech can be affected. Even though drug therapy treatment is available, it’s often not enough. Early intervention is important to provide strategies for dealing with Huntington’s disease-related speech and swallowing problems. [continue reading…]


traveling with kidsNothing beats summer vacation and the chance to get out and travel. As a speech-language pathologist, you may have concerns regarding summer travel and the families you work with. Planning summer travel with a speech-impaired child can be difficult and the families you aid may have questions involving how to make traveling during the summer fun for everyone involved. With these tips, you can help ensure your students and their families have safe and fun summer trips. [continue reading…]


4 Things to Do When You are Overwhelmed

by VocoVision on June 15, 2018

overwhelmed at workEveryone has pressure on them no matter what they do in life or in work. Speech pathologists are no different. Many SLPs agree that the things that overwhelm them the most isn’t their students; it’s the schedules, the paperwork, and the time constraints. Working around teacher schedules, meetings, all to get the necessary therapy or group sessions completed is enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned SLP. [continue reading…]


Summer Activities to Support Summer Learning

by VocoVision on June 8, 2018

summer therapy sessionsAs we get closer to summer break, you might be scrambling to find ways to make sure your students retain as many of their new speech-language skills as possible. Unless your students qualify for extended school year services or have access to private speech therapy time with you during the summer months, the struggle to keep students from the summer slide is something educators and school therapists have been battling for years. [continue reading…]


Why You Need to Talk Tech

by VocoVision on May 25, 2018

talking techWe live in an age where we are more aware of technology being a part of our daily lives than ever before. There are multiple daily tasks that technology makes easier. It’s in our schools, our careers, and in our homes. Some people, including health professionals, who grew up before the age of the internet, instant messaging, or video conferencing may be reluctant to embrace it or understand its significance in their job.

As a speech-language pathologist, you’re encountering more and more uses for technology in your job every day. But are you using technology to the best of its ability? [continue reading…]