Articulation and Phonology Telespeech

articulation phonology disorderMost young children go through a developmental phase in which they make phonetic errors in speech. You might remember your toddler or three-year-old substituting one sound for another, such as saying “weave” for “leave” or they leave out a consonant and restructure the word when two consonants are formed together at the beginning like, “boo” for “blue.”

While most articulation and phonology disorders are developmental, meaning that as they age they outgrow them, some articulation and phonology disorders are not. [continue reading…]


Beyond Language Delays: Helping ADHD Kids Communicate

by VocoVision on December 8, 2017

ADHD communicationManaging ADHD is not only about treating impulsivity or attention. ADHD can affect anything that pertains to impulses and planning functions. A child that seems “hyperactive,” inattentive, or unfocused daily may be struggling with directing their brains to focus and sort through the information coming at them. [continue reading…]


Intense Stuttering Boot Camp

by VocoVision on September 29, 2017

stuttering boot campStuttering is one of the more common speech impediments that come with the harshest of social stigmas around. We expect certain special needs folks to have issues with speech, but when a seemingly “normal” person struggles to speak our society is overly critical and mean-spirited. For many, it means getting made fun of in the classroom or not taken seriously in business situations. Eastern Washington University (EWU) in Cheney, Washington has organized a boot camp for stutterers that help them with their issue. [continue reading…]


Overcoming a Lisp with Speech Therapy

by VocoVision on July 7, 2017

lispLisps are a common speech impediment that affects many children in the early years of speech development. What is considered a cute quirk can become a problematic issue with communicating later in life. Not all children will need speech therapy to overcome a lisp, but when they need it they should get it. [continue reading…]


What is Anomic Aphasia?

by VocoVision on June 23, 2017

anomic aphasiaMany people have never heard of anomic aphasia, and yet 180,000 people acquire aphasia each year. When that many people suffering, we really should be talking about it more often. Our goal today is to help you understand it and how it can be helped. [continue reading…]


Speech Therapy Aids in Reading Skills

by VocoVision on June 16, 2017

reading speech therapyWhen children are sent to speech therapy, there is often this idea that they only need help with physical speech. Most of these children are special needs and their issues span over every aspect of life. When it comes to reading, these children are also struggling to learn and retain information, let alone find enjoyment in reading. Fortunately, speech pathologists are in the unique position to help them learn to read, read well, and even enjoy it. [continue reading…]


Stuttering Devices – An Overview

by VocoVision on June 2, 2017

stuttering devicesStuttering is a speech impediment that can leave one feeling incredibly under-heard. Fortunately, there are devices out there to help those with a stuttering issue. They can be heard and understood with ease and improve their self-esteem in tremendous ways. Today, we are looking at products to tell you what is out there and how they can help you. [continue reading…]