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The Connection Between Hearing Problems and Depression

by VocoVision on February 16, 2018

hearing problems depressionHave you ever considered how much the ability to hear can affect your mental health? What about the health of a loved one?

Nearly 17% of the American population has some type of hearing problem but hasn’t sought treatment. The reasons differ but often lie in not knowing they have a problem to begin with. The ages groups vary but an overwhelming number of aging adults with hearing problems also experience depression. There is also a concern that people who suffer from a hearing problem also have a decline in cognitive function.  [continue reading…]


Recognizing Auditory Processing Disorder

by VocoVision on January 12, 2018

auditory processing disorderLanguage is both receptive and expressive. Receptive language pertains to how well we comprehend language. A child with auditory processing disorder (APD) or central auditory processing disorder will have difficulty recognizing small differences in words and causes a difficulty processing what is being said to them. [continue reading…]


Riding Horses for Speech Therapy?

by VocoVision on June 30, 2017

horses speech therapyFor severe developmental issues, the use of horses for speech therapy is making a comeback. Overall, Hippotherapy has remained a tried and true form of therapy for many developmental issues, and utilizing it for speech therapy is just one more tool for the pathologist to use. Don’t worry; you won’t be required to get licensed for hippotherapy, and you can easily team up with a licensed occupational or physical therapist who physically meets with your client even though you provide your services remotely. [continue reading…]


What is Anomic Aphasia?

by VocoVision on June 23, 2017

anomic aphasiaMany people have never heard of anomic aphasia, and yet 180,000 people acquire aphasia each year. When that many people suffering, we really should be talking about it more often. Our goal today is to help you understand it and how it can be helped. [continue reading…]


Does Your Child Need Speech Therapy?

by VocoVision on February 3, 2017

child speech therapyMost children make a couple of mistakes when they’re learning how to talk, but what about when mistakes keep happening past the age where it’s normal? Judgment on whether a child’s speech is normal or not can be complicated by the fact that children tend to master different sounds at different ages. Speech sound disorders can include issues with phonological processes (or sound patterns), or articulation (pronouncing sounds). [continue reading…]


How is Language Affected by Ear Infections?

by VocoVision on June 24, 2016

ear infectionsOne of the most common childhood illnesses is the inflammation of the middle ear. This infection occurs behind the eardrum and can occur in either or both ears. There are two types of ear infections that are the greatest cause for concern; acute otitis media and otitis media with effusion. [continue reading…]


sign languagePeople often think sign language is exclusively used by the deaf and hard of hearing community. While they are certainly the majority of sign language users, speech therapy often utilizes sign language to help children and adults who are suffering from a range of conditions. Patients with apraxia show an increased eagerness to vocalize new words. Evidence indicates it does not slow down speech development, and may actually improve cognition. While the field of speech and language acknowledges sign language can support normal language development in children with speech delays, parents often need more convincing. [continue reading…]

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