Auditory Processing Disorders Telespeech

sign languagePeople often think sign language is exclusively used by the deaf and hard of hearing community. While they are certainly the majority of sign language users, speech therapy often utilizes sign language to help children and adults who are suffering from a range of conditions. Patients with apraxia show an increased eagerness to vocalize new words. Evidence indicates it does not slow down speech development, and may actually improve cognition. While the field of speech and language acknowledges sign language can support normal language development in children with speech delays, parents often need more convincing. [continue reading…]


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The Vestibular System and Speech

by VocoVision on March 6, 2016

vestibular_system_speech_therapyThe vestibular system is one of the basic sensory systems. It controls equilibrium and balance, controls body movement, and facilitates the development of muscle tone. It also is one of the influencing factors in auditory language processing. While researchers aren’t entirely sure how it helps to influence these processes, it is clear there is a connection. Across the board, children who have a vestibular dysfunction also have auditory language processing difficulties. [continue reading…]