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Understanding the Benefits of Group Speech Therapy

by VocoVision on November 24, 2017

group speech therapyWhether we realize it or not, our speech and social skills are closely linked. The ability to communicate effectively in a social setting is often overlooked but it’s a necessary skill for children to learn. Some children may have no issues playing, sharing, or communicating with classmates and teachers; while other children may have such a difficulty that it inhibits their ability to perform well academically and socially. [continue reading…]


speech therapy autismIn Madison, Wisconsin, they are noticing a rise in autism diagnoses. Many states around the country are taking note of the trend and battening down the treatment options that are available. The rise can be attributed to better identification and diagnosis than we had in the past. The more research on the disorder, the more we know about it, and the more we can correctly diagnose a child. Fortunately, the same is true for the variety of treatments that are available. [continue reading…]


Fighting for the Children

by VocoVision on October 20, 2017

advocating for studentsWhen we hear that children have autism, speech impediments, or a learning disability, it’s assumed that the child will automatically get the help that they need. Truth be told, it’s often an uphill battle for the parents to get those much-needed therapies and assistance. There are still stigmas and reluctance to actually take care of those who are deemed “abnormal.” For the newly disabled or newly diagnosed, the first year can be incredibly difficult as they navigate their own journey with new challenges and a battle in the able-bodied and able-minded world. [continue reading…]


Google GlassMost people are aware of Google Glass, even if their impression of it is that of a novelty tech item. Earlier this year, it made news again by breaking. Not literally, of course, rather it was pulled and support was going away. After that, a few interesting things happened. Project Aura became the next wave of wearable technology from Google. The company intends to collaborate with others in the tech field and improve the Glass technology. Then in April, Google Glass took on autism, and Autism Glass became a reality. [continue reading…]


National Autism Awareness Month

by VocoVision on April 8, 2016

Autism Awareness Month April 2016National Autism Awareness Month has moved far beyond the original goal of simply making the general population more aware of autism and what it is. The goal going forward is to promote acceptance and appreciation of the unique characteristics that make each individual on the spectrum.

It is fantastic that most parents, teachers, coworkers, and people of all ages and professions now recognize that autism exists. The next hurdle for the autistic community is the acceptance, inclusion, and an appreciation for the gifts each person is able to bring to those around them. Many strides have been made on this front that parents and individuals on the spectrum may not yet be aware.

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early_start_denver_modelAccording to a new study, autistic children who receive therapy as early as the toddler years can improve their intellectual abilities and reduce autistic symptoms later in life. The study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. It is the first study in more than two decades that takes a look at the long-term effects of early intervention on autism. [continue reading…]


1 out of 68 children are identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.1 This statistic underscores its increasing prevalence across the globe. With such a wide spectrum of symptoms, levels of impairment, and skill that children with ASD possess, this disorder dramatically affects the lives of those it touches. Autism Spectrum Disorders are categorized by: persistent deficits in a social setting, restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, recognizable in the early developmental period of a child’s life, and symptoms that cause significant impact in the child’s ability to function.2 Although the causes of ASD are unknown, scientists believe that the disorder can be linked back to genetic factors, numerous environmental factors, and can affect any socioeconomic group.2 TeleTherapy is a treatment potential that allows children access to the help they need, for those children who would otherwise not be granted.

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