How Speech Therapists Can Help Increasing Number of Autistic Kids

by VocoVision on October 27, 2017

speech therapy autismIn Madison, Wisconsin, they are noticing a rise in autism diagnoses. Many states around the country are taking note of the trend and battening down the treatment options that are available. The rise can be attributed to better identification and diagnosis than we had in the past. The more research on the disorder, the more we know about it, and the more we can correctly diagnose a child. Fortunately, the same is true for the variety of treatments that are available.

Sticking with The Tried and True

Encouraging families to utilize your speech pathology skills will certainly help the autistic child combat issues of speaking and speech impediments. Therapists know how to communicate with the child in ways that the parent hasn’t previously considered. Speech pathologists can also teach the family new ways to achieve new sounds and allow the child to communicate the way that fits best in their current state. Involved parents evolve the sessions as the child evolves. In many ways we aren’t just helping the child, we are bringing a family together and empowering them to be stronger together. For many families, speech therapy brings out the best in the family while them physically and emotionally.

Looking for the Unique?

There are all sorts of therapies out there designed for many autistic children, no matter their level of autism. Art, dance, and horse therapies are some of the most popular. Art is especially great for reinforcing speech pathology sessions and providing emotional support to the child. They can tap into their inner artistic selves and allow the deepest parts of themselves to shine through. Autistic children can become incredible painters and sculptors because of their time in art therapy. Dance and horse therapies are especially helpful for the child who struggles with movement and touch. Teaching them new balancing tricks while engaging with an animal or by learning a ballet movement or the soft feel of a dance outfit and brushing a horse can help them tame the overwhelming senses they sometimes struggle with. It is something controllable for them, a feeling that many autistic children lack.

Art, horse, and dance therapies are not always covered by insurance. Do encourage families to check with their insurance companies and keep an eye out for sliding scale fees to refer to families.

Don’t Discount Technology

While many families like to minimize exposure to technological devices, this is where you can encourage them to use it when needed which could be more than they like. Stress the importance of independent learning, how it reinforces all the work that has taken place in the sessions, and how it can give the parents some much needed down time from the demands of a special needs child. Parents sometimes forget that they need a little downtime as well!

The more we learn about autism, the more we will be able to teach the children and their families so that they can be functional in our society. It doesn’t mean that we are “fixing” them, but helping them to be themselves while being able to do day-to-day functions that are necessary.


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