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3 Tips to Maximize Vocabulary Instruction

by VocoVision on December 18, 2015

vocabulary_development_skills_speech_therapy_teletherapyIt’s no secret that in order to be successful in life, the better child’s vocabulary skills are, the better off they will be. Children need a vocabulary to read, write, understand what they’re reading, and even in their listening skills. To make the most of your vocabulary instruction time with your speech therapy patients, you’ll want to craft a program that addresses a variety of skills. [continue reading…]



Reading, Writing and… Touchscreens?

by Christy Trujillo on October 9, 2014

Though reading and writing have always been considered fundamental in a child’s education, each year millions of children enter high school unable to read beyond a second grade level. In its most basic form, reading is the product of decoding – a process of using letter sounds to recognize words. meanwhile in 2011, the National Center for Educational Statistics reported that more than 1,000,000 children enrolled in public education have speech or language impairments.[1] As the number of adults who are functionally illiterate remains stagnant in our country [2], it’s time to look for creative solutions in uncommon places. [continue reading…]