traveling with kidsNothing beats summer vacation and the chance to get out and travel. As a speech-language pathologist, you may have concerns regarding summer travel and the families you work with. Planning summer travel with a speech-impaired child can be difficult and the families you aid may have questions involving how to make traveling during the summer fun for everyone involved. With these tips, you can help ensure your students and their families have safe and fun summer trips. [continue reading…]


Amusement Parks for People with Special Needs

by VocoVision on August 4, 2017

amusement parks special needsSummer vacations are a great opportunity to get away to a place far from home where you can relax and enjoy your time. When you have a special needs child, the planning for such a relaxing trip gets more difficult; the parents of many of our patients know this well. You have to anticipate every possible situation that might cause a child distress and lead to a possible meltdown. You think they might enjoy one event, and then when you get there, they hate it. But kids should be able to experience the world around them, regardless of their special needs. They need to be socialized so that they can learn social nuances and meet other people. But other people often don’t understand the importance of a day excursion; kids who are different become an inconvenience to them, and people are irritated by what we consider an ordinary breakdown due to overstimulation. If anything, other people add more stress to excursions than a special needs family member. [continue reading…]


speech pathologist portfolioMany professions include a portfolio of their work when they begin looking for new job opportunities. Graphic artists create a collection of their best art work, researchers will include published articles, and educators may include student assessments or research projects. It may take a little more creativity to build a portfolio as a speech pathologist, but the benefits are well worth the effort. [continue reading…]


Google GlassMost people are aware of Google Glass, even if their impression of it is that of a novelty tech item. Earlier this year, it made news again by breaking. Not literally, of course, rather it was pulled and support was going away. After that, a few interesting things happened. Project Aura became the next wave of wearable technology from Google. The company intends to collaborate with others in the tech field and improve the Glass technology. Then in April, Google Glass took on autism, and Autism Glass became a reality. [continue reading…]


Ways to Streamline Your Day as a Therapist

by VocoVision on April 29, 2016

planning speech therapyA common complaint with virtually every medical professional is a lack of time. A greater number of patients being scheduled results in a greater number of files that need to be updated, therapy plans to be created, and insurance matters to be dealt with. You probably spend more time on paperwork than with patients. [continue reading…]


National Autism Awareness Month

by VocoVision on April 8, 2016

Autism Awareness Month April 2016National Autism Awareness Month has moved far beyond the original goal of simply making the general population more aware of autism and what it is. The goal going forward is to promote acceptance and appreciation of the unique characteristics that make each individual on the spectrum.

It is fantastic that most parents, teachers, coworkers, and people of all ages and professions now recognize that autism exists. The next hurdle for the autistic community is the acceptance, inclusion, and an appreciation for the gifts each person is able to bring to those around them. Many strides have been made on this front that parents and individuals on the spectrum may not yet be aware.

[continue reading…]


App Uses Speech Recognition to Improve Articulation

by VocoVision on January 29, 2016

speech_racer_appSpeech Racer, a new app for speech therapy, is different from all other apps available on the market today. It makes use of speech recognition to help users improve articulation.

By understanding what key speech sound students have the most trouble with in speech therapy, like the “R” sound, for instance, the app is able to listen to the student and grade their performance. [continue reading…]