Eli_MunyankindiEli Munyankindi became an orphan at age 10 during the Rwandan Genocide. At one point, he wasn’t sure he finished high school, but against all odds he just finished his Master’s degree in speech language pathology at the University of Utah College of Health. He plans to return home to Rwanda, where he will become his country’s first speech-language specialist. [continue reading…]


Demand for SLPs Continues to Grow

by VocoVision on February 13, 2015

speech language pathologist job outlookAlyssa Cook, an upcoming graduate of the speech-language pathology program at University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), spent years working with a Speech Language Pathologist of her own. She had difficulties pronouncing “R” correctly, and with the help of her SLP, was able to correct the issue. [continue reading…]