speech therapy home practiceTraditionally, speech therapy sessions with children are conducted during the school day, but with growing academic demands on schools, there isn’t always enough time during the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. While online speech therapy and telepractice has helped many children receive the time needed for speech therapy, practicing speech and language skills shouldn’t end when a session is over. [continue reading…]


Using Craft Activities in Speech Therapy

by VocoVision on March 30, 2018

crafts in therapyCraft and art making is a form of expressive language. Children who have speech and language difficulties may find it easier to express themselves through creating things. Communication has a lot in common with arts and crafts. Both are forms of expression and offers people a way to think and express ideas they may not have considered before. Just like language, there are many kinds of art or craft activities you can incorporate into therapy. Craft activities in speech therapy can support many types of speech-language difficulties, especially receptive and expressive speech problems. [continue reading…]


Engaging Adolescent Students in Speech Therapy

by VocoVision on March 23, 2018

teen speech therapyWorking with teens and tweens can be extremely rewarding. But teens and tweens face challenges that younger students don’t. Adolescent students may be resistant to therapy after many attempts to help them when they were younger. Other students may have slipped through the cracks in their younger years and are now facing their language difficulties. [continue reading…]


Recognizing Job Burnout Before It’s Too Late

by VocoVision on March 16, 2018

job burnoutSpeech-language pathologists are regarded as part of a special group of occupations called “helper” professions. Helper professionals address a patient’s or clients’, physical, psychological, emotional, or intellectual well-being. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors, clergy, and therapists are all deemed to be helper professionals because of the vast array of issues they address and support.

Those in helping professions will often feel the stress and exhaustion of work more severely than other professions because of the caring nature their work requires. [continue reading…]


Helping Your Students Stay Motivated to Practice

by VocoVision on March 9, 2018

motivating studentsConsistent home practice is crucial to student success, and while some students are more than willing to continue practicing their speech-language skills at home, some may be more reluctant. Other students may have barriers that can keep them from being as successful as they want to be.

Your role as a school-based SLP entails more than therapy sessions. It includes helping your students become and stay motivated even when they’re not with you. [continue reading…]


speech pathology career fieldSpeech-language pathologists, commonly called speech-language therapists, or SLPs, are one of the top jobs in the health-care industry in 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected an 18% growth through the year 2026. According to the BLS speech-language pathologists that are willing to relocate have the best job opportunities. [continue reading…]


articulation phonology disorderMost young children go through a developmental phase in which they make phonetic errors in speech. You might remember your toddler or three-year-old substituting one sound for another, such as saying “weave” for “leave” or they leave out a consonant and restructure the word when two consonants are formed together at the beginning like, “boo” for “blue.”

While most articulation and phonology disorders are developmental, meaning that as they age they outgrow them, some articulation and phonology disorders are not. [continue reading…]