Focusing on Being Thankful

by VocoVision on December 2, 2016

thankful holiday activitiesIt is fairly easy to forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving and other winter holidays. Because of this, it is especially important to discuss this with children. The beauty of this topic is that it leads to many wonderful conversations that flow naturally. Kids adore making their own books, so it’s the perfect time to incorporate this with all of the things that they are thankful for this holiday season and beyond.

This project will take several sessions and could start right around Thanksgiving and culminate in a holiday gift for December.  It could be used with a small group or during individual sessions, and can be utilized via teletherapy. At the first session, talk about what being thankful means to your student(s). Model an answer with some examples from your own life. Brainstorm together and keep track of things that everyone mentions. It’s important to think about anything important from school, home, and travel. Kids may make up a list of special people, places and things from their life. Living in the United States, it’s also nice to talk about things that we do that we are thankful for. We are able to sing, dance, run, play, and more.

Ahead of time, make copies of blank thankful book pages. They should have the following written somewhere on the page: “I am thankful for _______ because _________.”  When working with bilingual students, translate their answers underneath to help families once they receive the book. The remaining space will be used for illustrations made by the kids. This will make the pages even more personal to the families when they are read.

Talk about the front cover of the book. Where do you place the name of the author, and what image should be seen by readers? Allow time to work on this before moving on to the dedication page. This will be for the author/student to write an extra special message to a person that is important in his/her life. Share your own example so they understand the expectation. When all of the pages are completed, place a back cover on and bind the book. If there is a way to laminate and clip them together, this will make it a treasured item families will keep for a long time.

When everyone is finished with their books, take time to allow for a read-through of each book with the entire group. This will allow students to work on skills and foster confidence when sharing and making predictions. When finished, these may be wrapped and saved to gift to families for the holidays.



What are you thankful for this holiday season? If you’d like to spend more time at home with family, make sure you check out our work-from-home teletherapy positions here!


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