Meet Eric Sailers

by Tom Kloiber on September 14, 2012

Meet Eric Sailers

If you haven’t visited, you’re really missing something special. He’s an SLP who goes the extra mile. As a former kid with speech difficulties himself, Eric was in a unique position to understand the needs of his profession and his patients.

Taking it up a notch

After six years in practice, Eric ventured into technology. He now owns two companies, Eric Sailers LLC and Expressive Solutions LLC, that develop apps for apple devices designed to meet special needs. His personal experience and professional background make his apps perfect for SLP practice.
You’ll find these apps on his website and on iTunes:

  • ArtPix and ArtPix – Full are for speech practice and matching. Pictures and easy sentences with audio features let kids listen to the words spoken correctly, record their practice, and decide whether their words sound right. The program has a scoring feature to show them how they did and a replay so they can try again. The matching feature lets them flick through flashcards to find a match. ArtPix -Full also allows group play. The free app comes with a deck for “th” and you can purchase additional decks as necessary after you try the app. Download ArtPix  for free and ArtPix – Full for $29.99 from iTunes.
  • PhonoPix is a simple pairing app designed to follow phonological processes by starting with prevocalic voicing and proceeding through each phase of development. Each of the 400 pairs contrasts incorrect responses with the correct response. Decks can be combined to add complexity to the practice session and the app allows you to collect score so you can track progress. The 2.0 version of PhonoPix allows group scoring for up to four kids at a time. The app is $24.99 and comes with all 10 decks of 40 cards each. PhonoPix is $24.99 on iTunes.
  • Percentally is a tally counter app for educators that converts scoring to percentages. For example, if a student gets a sound correct 5 out of 8 tries, Percentally will tell you that is a 62.50% average. Percentally is available on iTunes for $2.99.
  • StoryPals is Eric’s newest and cutest release. It is a reading comprehension application that uses engaging characters, bright, colorful artwork, and whimsical stories to draw children into the story. Interactive illustrations react when kids touch the screen. The stories are professionally narrated for children to listen and follow along, read interactively with an advanced text-to-speech feature, or read independently by the child. A quiz follows each story that asks for details about the story, and the teacher also has the option of creating a new quiz. Scoring is saved and tracked automatically and can be exported for analysis.

In addition, StoryPals offers a wonderful creative feature that allows children to write their own stories complete with backgrounds, people, animals, objects…all animated as they are in the stories for interactive fun. Once the story is written and illustrated, the app offers the option of easy sharing to other StoryPals users or devices, or to anyone via iTunes file sharing. This open-ended feature can lead to a huge storehouse of stories in no time. Download StoryPals for $14.99 from the iTunes store.



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