SLPs Online: Resources and Recognition

by Tom Kloiber on March 8, 2013

There are plenty of SLPs connecting and collaborating online. Are you part of the network? If not, consider checking it out. Plenty of benefits await, including shared information, techniques, and even a few chuckles. Here are some SLPs making a difference.

You can find nearly everything online…but who’s got time to search? That’s why we love Lisa Valero’s board on She’s an SLP on a mission – to collect everything you need in one place – and she’s done a great job. You’ll find forms, charts, data collection sheets, templates, lesson plans, and everything else you can imagine to make your work life easier.

Pat Mervine is a school-based speech therapist and the creative mind behind, a website with a forum and a truly impressive social media presence. She offers a little of everything, from technology to personal stories, and there’s a line of SOS products that includes Pat’s book, How Katie got a Voice (and a Cool New Nickname) plus games, teaching and evaluation materials, and wristbands. is a great site full of info and encouragement for students who want to become SLPs. Jourdan Saunders aims to help students narrow down a solid career path, from high school through to the Clinical Fellowship Year. You’ll find detailed information, resources, inspiration, and a quiz to test your knowledge.

Kim Marino is the speech mama—mother of four, wonderfully engaging writer, and creative, home-based SLP who uses traditional and decidedly non-traditional therapies drawn from life experience, and shares them with you. Great read, and she’s even published her own app, Play 2 Learn, available in the iTunes store for $0.99.

Becky Wanca is full of Speech Therapy Ideas…so much so that she made a website called…well, you’ll figure it out. It’s jam-packed with great stuff. If your well of creativity runs a little dry, it’s a great site to visit and recharge.

More Than Helpful
There’s also a career-building lesson here that you can use. Enterprising SLPs build more than collections of helpful resources; they build name recognition, find an audience, and make it to the top of the SERPs – search engine results pages. Becoming a recognized expert in the field can enhance your career opportunities and widen your network. If the day comes when you need a job, you have both professional credibility and the contacts to find potential employment much faster than an average person out of work. Who wouldn’t want to hire a real go-getter? And what parent would not want their child taught by someone with an authoritative reputation?

Start Your Own
Why not follow the example set by these SLPs and start your own site? You can begin with a free Facebook page, Pinterest board, or by hosting a Twitter hashtag chat event, or you can make a small investment and put up a website with a custom URL that’s catchy and easy to remember. Videos are extremely popular and tend to spread quickly, if you have a great on-camera personality. Pick a delivery method that fits your style and share your stories, techniques, and solutions.


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