Speech Language Therapy App Receives Tabby Award Nomination

by VocoVision on April 17, 2015

junganew a herd of sounds appJunganew: A Herd of Sounds for “S”  Is the first in a series of story based speech and language therapy apps designs to create an experience to help children to learn their sounds. The app received a tabby award nomination this year, making it the second for the brand. They won the Best Mobile App Award earlier in 2015.

The Tabby Awards is a global competition for the best iPad, Android, and Windows tablet apps and games. Since 2012, two separate competitions have been held to honor and recognize the best tablet optimized apps in the world. One competition is for consumer apps and games, and the other competition is for business and professional apps.

The app uses hand-painted watercolor animation, child voice characters, original music, interactive mirror models, and eight games. The story-based adventure uses all of the latest technology for the iPad. The app uses the microphone as a tool to help improve children’s speech skills. It prompts them to blow on the screen to guide the balloon through the land of Junganew. Children can also use the interactive Mirror Models to allow them to listen to the characters sound production on one side of the screen while also viewing a real-time video of themselves on the other side of the screen.

The app was created by Esther Giordano, MA, CCC-SLP, a speech language pathologist with two decades of experience. The game is engaging and fun, making it a game that children will love to play over and over again.

While children play the game, they will collect seashells, play hide and seek, dress-up, and pop balloons. All of this takes place while learning Miss Snake’s favorite sound. Children will also bake cookies, and sing along with “The Vocal Chords,” Junganew’s favorite band.

Parents will enjoy the educational component of the app in the fun their children will have during homework practice. The app is available for the iPad in the app store for $4.99. The answer is intended for children aged four and older. Additional apps, covering the sounds for “TH”, “R”, and “L” will be released soon.

Junganew, LLC was founded in 2012 to develop speech language apps. Speech language biologist can use these apps as part of their treatment programs with children. These apps can also be a great supplemental activity for children to do between speech therapy appointments. The company has plans to release apps to include more than 40 sounds in the English language.


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