Why Telespeech Makes Sense for Schools

by Ben Beckstrom on July 1, 2011

Telespeech, or online speech therapy, is becoming an increasingly popular option for schools. Why should you consider it as an option for yours? Telespeech provides better access to the professionals students need; reduces travel expenses and therefore cuts overall cost; produces quality results; and provides students with a fun avenue for connecting with technology.

Improve Access to Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

By working in a virtual environment, students have access to a greater number of SLPs who can work with them based on their specific needs. Instead of being tied only to the pathologists in your local area, this allows you to gain access to all of them nationwide, allowing you to match your students with the SLP who will be able to best help them. You can also get access to professionals with cultural and language diversities when you need them. When language and culture are no longer a barrier, foreign students will receive a higher quality of care. This provides a more individualized and effective treatment than with conventional speech therapy.

Reduce Costs

When face-to-face interaction is required, travel expenses are involved for both or all parties involved. When the interaction becomes virtual through the Internet, the travel expenses are cut down to nothing, which saves everyone money. The money saved can then be applied to other important areas in education to improve quality for students and teachers. The equipment required for an online speech therapy session: computer with high-speed Internet connection, webcam, and microphone is already found in your school so little investment is required to make the switch from conventional to telespeech.

Get Proven Results and Consistency

Telespeech has been proven as effective as traditional face-to-face speech therapy interaction, and has worked for 10 years in America’s classrooms. Not only is it effective, but it provides consistency for schools and students because there is no need to fill mid-year vacancies since we ensure SLPs are always available for you. Without the hassle of making sure there is always an SLP on-site, you can place more focus on what the students need.

Create Another Fun Way for Children to Work with Technology

With the rapid increase in technology, we all, especially children need to be able to work with it. Using telespeech will provide another method for children to learn to use and enjoy technology. The virtual interaction with the SLP will create a fun environment for all the students involved. By keeping children engaged and making the experience less like work, it gives students something to look forward to during their therapy session.

While one-on-one live instruction with SLPs works well and has served us well for many years, telespeech is an improved extension of the field. It employs many top-qualified professionals while offering several benefits to the schools that use it, whether they are public, private, or at home. What’s not to love?


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