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Beating the Stammer

by VocoVision on September 8, 2017

kid stammerMany people go through speech therapy. Many speech therapists join the force because someone they know someone who benefitted from speech therapy. Others simply just want to nurture those who need the help. Who we want to highlight today are those who overcame their own speech issues to move on and help others find their way. These two incredible individuals show how impactful speech therapy can be on one’s life, enough to motivate them to help those who went through similar situations.  [continue reading…]


Speech Therapy After a Tracheostomy

by VocoVision on August 25, 2017

tracheostomyMany patients find that talking after the tracheostomy is a challenge. This is simply because air is no longer going through the voice box. Many patients find that if they cover the tubing they might achieve vocalization, but we recommend speaking with health officials first. When the patient struggles with this incredible change to their speaking habit this is where a speech pathologist can help. [continue reading…]

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Speech Therapists Can Help Clients Mask Accents

by VocoVision on July 21, 2017

masking accentThere is a growing trend in the field of speech pathology that can launch into an entirely new career for many folks. Speech therapists are seeing a growing number of clients who are seeking out ways to mask their accents for professional purposes. Rather than having a medical emergency, these are individuals faced with issues of professionalism while having a regional or foreign accent. [continue reading…]


Speech Therapy Benefits for a Chronic Cough

by VocoVision on May 13, 2016

chronic coughThere are numerous reasons a patient may be experiencing a chronic cough, including rhinitis, asthma, and reflux. Medications are effective in controlling a cough for most patients. Unfortunately, some patients will develop a laryngeal motor dysfunction or heightened sensitivity to triggers, which create a chronic cough for reasons that may be addressed through speech therapy. In some cases, the cough is idiopathic, making it even more difficult to treat. Some studies have shown significant improvement in symptoms when speech pathology was included in their treatment plan. [continue reading…]


Treating Anomic Aphasia with Speech Therapy

by VocoVision on May 6, 2016

anomic aphasia treatmentAnomic aphasia presents as an inability to consistently produce the appropriate words for things a person wishes to talk about. This is particularly evident when the individual requires a noun or verb. The disorder is known by several names, including amnesic aphasia, dysnomia, and nominal aphasia.

Typically, the patient will have fluent speech that is grammatically correct. However, their speech will be filled with vague words such as “thing” and a constant attempt to find the words which will accurately describe the word they want to use. Many people will describe this as feeling as though the word is on the tip of the tongue, a feeling most people occasionally experience. Individuals suffering from anomic aphasia feel this on a regular basis. These patients usually have no difficulty reading or understanding speech, and are even able to accurately repeat sentences and words. The difficulty lies in finding words to express their own thoughts, whether verbally or in writing. [continue reading…]


Treating Selective Mutism

by VocoVision on April 22, 2016

selective mutismSelective mutism is a somewhat uncommon disorder that is often found in patients who also have social anxiety or a social phobia. With selective mutism, the child is able to speak and communicate effectively in setting that make them feel comfortable and secure. When they are in social settings such as school, church, or play groups, they may be unable to communicate or speak effectively. [continue reading…]


Music Helps Stroke Victims Regain Speech through Choir

by VocoVision on January 15, 2016

choir_speech_therapy_benefitsIn Hong Kong, a place where speech therapy services are incredibly limited, a charity project helps stroke victims regain speech. Through a choir led by music therapists, stroke survivors meet two hours a week.

The choir started in July, but the members, all of whom are stroke survivors struggling with speech issues, have seen improvements in their speech. The project received funding through last year’s Operation Santa Claus Charity drive, and those funds will cover the choir for the next three years. [continue reading…]