Amber Figlow

1 out of 68 children are identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.1 This statistic underscores its increasing prevalence across the globe. With such a wide spectrum of symptoms, levels of impairment, and skill that children with ASD possess, this disorder dramatically affects the lives of those it touches. Autism Spectrum Disorders are categorized by: persistent deficits in a social setting, restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, recognizable in the early developmental period of a child’s life, and symptoms that cause significant impact in the child’s ability to function.2 Although the causes of ASD are unknown, scientists believe that the disorder can be linked back to genetic factors, numerous environmental factors, and can affect any socioeconomic group.2 TeleTherapy is a treatment potential that allows children access to the help they need, for those children who would otherwise not be granted.

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