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Speech Teletherapy Materials & Equipment for SLPs

by Bonnie Steiner on March 30, 2020

speech teletherapy materials and equipment

Making the switch from traditional speech therapy to teletherapy can seem overwhelming at first. It’s important for clinicians to understand how to seamlessly transition their traditional speech therapy session plans into telespeech sessions, along with obtaining the right materials, technology, and equipment. Let’s start off with some of the common questions and answers. [continue reading…]



Teletherapy 101: What SLPs Need to Know About Licensing

by Bonnie Steiner on November 2, 2018

slp telepractice licensingMost therapy and education professionals have a plethora of questions before jumping into telepractice – we don’t blame you! The information is out there, but it can be time-consuming to uncover it all at once. We’re dedicated to making that part easier for you. We’re starting off by discussing an essential subject that is required for any clinician before they start – obtaining the required licenses and credentials to work as a teletherapist. We’re answering some of the common questions about licensing right here. [continue reading…]



Mental Health Awareness: How Teletherapy Can Help

by Bonnie Steiner on October 2, 2018

mental health teletherapyMental Illness Awareness Week falls on the first week of October each year. This week’s awareness topic is near and dear to our hearts, as it’s become more prominent and crucial than ever before, and affecting people of all ages, especially students. Students need more support now than ever, and this is where teletherapy can be somewhat of a superhero to kids in need. How, you ask? There are multiple benefits of using teletherapy for mental health. Here are just a few: [continue reading…]



#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLP Natalya

by Bonnie Steiner on June 9, 2017

Where We WorkWhen you work in healthcare, you have to have a true passion for others. No matter how much experience you have, what location you’re in, or what your personal life is like – you have to truly love what you do in order to provide the best service. This can include learning a new skill, arranging a schedule you’ve never managed before, or taking time out of your personal life to get to know your students.

Instead of just focusing on one, all three of these actions describe one of our tele-speech pathologists, Natalya L. Her story is so touching that we couldn’t help but share it in our #WhereWeWork series! [continue reading…]



#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLP Erin

by Bonnie Steiner on November 18, 2016

Where We WorkWhen you have an hour commute to and from work, sometimes you just want to throw in the towel and find something different. After several years, those multiple hours of commute time to and from work are just not worth it. It’s wearing you out, it’s wearing your car out, and before you start losing your passion for your profession, you start looking into other options. For our Voco team SLP, Erin, this is what started her journey into the beautiful world of teletherapy. This week’s #WhereWeWork feature spotlights Erin’s journey into telespeech.
[continue reading…]



Questions to Ask on Interviews

by Bonnie Steiner on October 7, 2016

interview questions

We are continuing our series on interview tips, adding on to our blog from last week. This is a topic that many of us don’t really think about until the moment comes. The moment when the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions?” and your mind, unfortunately, goes blank. You totally forgot to prepare questions, or maybe the interviewer already answered all of the general questions you prepared. You’ve just entered a sticky situation – you’re genuinely interested in the job, and you want to appear as such, but you’ve drawn a blank!

We’re here to provide you with your personal guide to the questions you should be asking after a teletherapy interview:

[continue reading…]


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How to Prepare for a Remote Interview

by Bonnie Steiner on September 30, 2016

remote interview tipsYou’ve taken the first step into working from home as a teletherapist by sending in your resume and connecting with a recruiter. Now what? You’re used to an in-person interview process of several days or weeks, then more waiting for a decision to be made. But what’s it like when the entire process is…virtual? A process in which you apply for a position online, have an interview, and receive an offer within a few hours? Are you ready to step into the “hire faster” era? Get ready by preparing yourself with these tips! [continue reading…]