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Amusement Parks for People with Special Needs

by VocoVision on August 4, 2017

amusement parks special needsSummer vacations are a great opportunity to get away to a place far from home where you can relax and enjoy your time. When you have a special needs child, the planning for such a relaxing trip gets more difficult; the parents of many of our patients know this well. You have to anticipate every possible situation that might cause a child distress and lead to a possible meltdown. You think they might enjoy one event, and then when you get there, they hate it. But kids should be able to experience the world around them, regardless of their special needs. They need to be socialized so that they can learn social nuances and meet other people. But other people often don’t understand the importance of a day excursion; kids who are different become an inconvenience to them, and people are irritated by what we consider an ordinary breakdown due to overstimulation. If anything, other people add more stress to excursions than a special needs family member. [continue reading…]