Hard Work Means a Big Payoff

by VocoVision on October 13, 2017

speech therapy incentivesMany speech pathologists find that offering a big reward for a patient’s hard work is a great incentive for the patient. Many people will assume that the success itself would be enough to inspire and motivate. Yes, the success alone of finally accomplishing a goal is a big deal but like most people, a reward at the end of it all is also a great tool to motivating and inspiring a patient. In the case of Max Bird, a young boy in Iowa with Down Syndrome, he is ecstatic about the possibility of meeting his favorite country music singer.    [continue reading…]



How to Address Apraxia of Speech in Adults

by VocoVision on April 28, 2017

apraxia adultsWhen our elders are faced with a health issue, sometimes it can result in other health issues. For instance, someone has high blood pressure that leads to a heart attack. Or a loved one has a stroke and then loses function in one part of their face. It is often a struggle for our once vibrant loved ones to deal with debilitating health problems. And speech is at the top of the list when it comes to things we do not wish to lose control of. How else can we express our emotions, anger, or communicate desires? [continue reading…]


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