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ASL Comedy Tour Performers

by Tom Kloiber on February 8, 2013

Keith Wann is bringing the American Sign Language (ASL) comedy tour to the United States again this year. Since 2008, he’s been producing and hosting the tour, to bring awareness about the community through comedy. The two-hour show is designed to highlight up-and-coming ASL comedians and features a mix of: comedy, skits, improvisations, and storytelling. Performers include: Wann, Peter Cook, Crom Saunders, Lianna Carrera, Patrick Fischer, Branton Stewart, Windell “Wink” Smith Jr., Gregg Spera, and Justin “Wormy” Callaway and others. Keith is one of the most well-known ASL performers in the U.S., a hysterical performer whose unique take and comical antics onstage bring the big laughs every time. ASL professionals can enjoy an evening of comedy – and potentially share some of the jokes with their students later! [continue reading…]