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You Can Build An App

by Tom Kloiber on June 28, 2013

Even with limited technical skills, virtually anybody can build a mobile application from the ground up. Mobile applications have significantly broadened the sphere of speech-language pathology (here’s a Pinterest board of various SLP apps: Articulate It! is an app containing over one thousand images in all sounds of the English language. Used by SLPs, it aims to help improve speech delays in children. It even has voice-recording and data-collection capabilities.

With an endless arsenal of therapy activities at the palm of their hands, patients are now able to practice whenever convenient using these new fun and interactive apps. Have you ever had an app idea that you didn’t pursue because you didn’t know where to start? Now you will.

Over 700,000 apps have been approved by Apple since the dawn of the iTunes App Store — and thousands more are being submitted for consideration every single day, for multiple operating systems. If this number — and the competition — scare you, don’t give up on your app dreams quite yet. If the app you create is effective and attractive, people out there will use it.

Smashing Magazine’s Guide to Creating an app — In a Nutshell:

  1. Write down the goal you hope to achieve by creating this app
  2. Figure out your expectations
  3. Develop a monetization plan
  4. Sign up for a ‘developer account’
  5. Sketch your application
  6. Identify your role and the roles of those you hire
  7. Find freelance or agency contractors to fill those positions
  8. Track your progress/success and adapt to any changes in the environment — Be alert and proactive!

If you’re passionate about an app idea, go ahead and pursue it. There are various resources and services available to create the app, test it, and make it even better. Embrace feedback, both positive and negative. Conduct focus groups to figure out first impressions and potential errors (but think of them as opportunities) in your application. Happy Apping!

Read more of these tips from Smashing Magazine:


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