cerebral palsy

Tackling Hypernasality With Speech Therapy

by VocoVision on March 17, 2017

hypernasality speech therapyHypernasality speech is common amongst children with a cleft palate and some cases of cerebral palsy. It is a situation in which too much air escapes through the nose during speaking. Certain letters should not have air escaping during pronunciation, such as vowels or the letters “k” and “b.” A palate that is too short, or the inability to move muscles for the sake of closure, will create hypernasality speech. [continue reading…]


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hippotherapyHorses are quite the therapeutic animal, and can do a great deal in helping patients in various types of therapy, creating their own – known as “saddle therapy,” or hippotherapy.

In this approach, horseback riding becomes a rehabilitative treatment, and goes beyond speech therapy, too. It can help children with a range of disabilities from autism to cerebral palsy and speech disorders. It works because the techniques used are similar or the same as the ones used at the clinic, but the horse becomes the modality to help the rider accomplish their goals. [continue reading…]