Constant Therapy

speech therapy app stroke patientsMany people think of speech therapy as mainly for children with speech delays and disorders, but it can also help adults with acute communications problems. That was the case for Lois Grissom of Rock Island, Illinois. After she had two strokes in the course of two weeks, she was unable to speak or write at all—a condition known as global aphasia, and one that is common in stroke survivors. Her concerned husband Gary arranged for her to have therapy with Speech Language Pathologist Kylie Lucas. [continue reading…]


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speech therapy appSome of the biggest advances in speech therapy have begun to emerge in the field of telemedicine. The combination of technology with traditional therapeutic principles is continuing to change the landscape of the profession. More patients are being reached via apps and digital communications than ever before. Constant Therapy is an app that hopes to advance the profession even further. [continue reading…]