5 Reasons Students Love Teletherapy

by Tera Tuten on March 20, 2020

Beginning a teletherapy program for students can have a wonderful effect on the overall success of students, whether in a school-based therapy environment or when working with them outside the classroom. Parents and educators turn to teletherapy because of the success rates and flexibility it offers, but students have their reasons that they love teletherapy!

Students Look at Their Teletherapist as an Online “Celebrity”

Children, especially younger ones, are often fascinated by the idea of talking to someone who is on a computer screen. In their minds, their teletherapist is on the same plane as their favorite YouTube star. They have someone important enough to be on screen, spending time with them and helping them to work through their problems. That can be a huge motivator for some children.

Students Often Engage More Readily with Technology

Kids have grown up with technology, so it is only natural that they respond well to technology-based therapy sessions. For some, it even is more natural and comfortable for them to interact with someone on a screen than to work face-to-face with a person in the same room. Plus, it means extra screen time for kids who have limited access to a computer or whose parents enforce daily or weekly technology limits.

Less Time is Needed to Participate in Teletherapy

Certain types of therapy involve traveling to an office, sitting in the waiting room, and traveling back home, in addition to the time spent in their session. With teletherapy, their half-hour session lasts only 30 minutes. There’s no travel involved or being bored in the waiting room, wasting time that they could spend doing something they enjoy.

Teletherapy Helps Students Feel More Confident

Children, especially those who are older, just want to be like everyone else. It can make them feel uncomfortable and singled out to be pulled from class to meet with a therapist. As teletherapy can be scheduled at times outside of school hours, that feeling of being “different” because they are losing classroom time with their peers dissipates and students are left feeling more confident.

Students Develop Great Relationships with Their Teletherapist

Because there are usually several teletherapists available through a service, finding a therapist that connects with the student is much more likely. Often in school-based therapy, there is only one person assigned to a school, so if a student and therapist simply don’t mesh well, there are no other options. Teletherapy offers the opportunity to find a patient-therapist relationship that works well for both and wonderful relationships like that will result in a higher rate of success.

While teletherapy isn’t the answer for every student, for many, receiving therapy services over the internet is the perfect solution. It can be a beneficial endeavor that will leave students feeling happy and getting the results that their parents and educators have been hoping to see. Begin your career in teletherapy today and start your job search here.


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