WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature

#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLP Natalya

by Bonnie Steiner on June 9, 2017

Where We WorkWhen you work in healthcare, you have to have a true passion for others. No matter how much experience you have, what location you’re in, or what your personal life is like – you have to truly love what you do in order to provide the best service. This can include learning a new skill, arranging a schedule you’ve never managed before, or taking time out of your personal life to get to know your students.

Instead of just focusing on one, all three of these actions describe one of our tele-speech pathologists, Natalya L. Her story is so touching that we couldn’t help but share it in our #WhereWeWork series! [continue reading…]



#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLP Ashley

by VocoVision on January 24, 2017

Where We WorkThis week’s #WhereWeWork series explains how one simple decision can make a complete improvement to your work-life balance. One of our fantastic team speech pathologists, Ashley L., wanted to share what her transition – which started just one year ago – has been like into the beautiful world of teletherapy, and why she believes it is “the coolest job ever!”  [continue reading…]


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#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLP Erin

by Bonnie Steiner on November 18, 2016

Where We WorkWhen you have an hour commute to and from work, sometimes you just want to throw in the towel and find something different. After several years, those multiple hours of commute time to and from work are just not worth it. It’s wearing you out, it’s wearing your car out, and before you start losing your passion for your profession, you start looking into other options. For our Voco team SLP, Erin, this is what started her journey into the beautiful world of teletherapy. This week’s #WhereWeWork feature spotlights Erin’s journey into telespeech.
[continue reading…]



#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLI Brianne

by VocoVision on October 21, 2016

Where We WorkThat’s right, it’s time for another exciting #WhereWeWork feature! This week, Brianne – a skilled sign language interpreter – gives an honest account of her journey into teletherapy with VocoVision. If you’ve ever considered working as a tele-interpreter, Brianne’s story might give you some inspiration to take that leap – read on and see for yourself! [continue reading…]



#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – TVI Leslie

by VocoVision on September 16, 2016

Where We WorkTeletherapy is growing at a rapid speed, yet a lot of clinicians, schools, parents, and even the general public are unfamiliar with how it works and why it’s effective. Instead of pulling research and data, we decided to give you a firsthand opinion from the best source – our teletherapists! The clinicians who are virtually providing therapy, navigating and mastering the VocoVision platform, independently managing a caseload or class of students from home, and communicating virtually with every staff member, parent, and teacher are the best resources for learning all about teletherapy. Our #WhereWeWork series is meant to provide info from a clinician’s point of view on what it’s like to work as a teletherapist and what makes their workspace different from an on-site therapist. [continue reading…]